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Stardock WindowFX 6.02
WindowFX是一款由Stardock 公司出品的軟件,它支持支持Win8、Win7和Vista等操作系統,支持32和64位,它在視窗效果上做出很多變化,包含菜單右鍵,窗口最大化,最小化,關閉,窗口半透明,並且支持超多質量很高且效果非常理想的特效。還可以定製程序最大化尺寸,使桌面圖標背景透明,能您的電腦桌面瞬間變得酷炫,達到美輪美奐的效果。話說它製造出的效果能與Ubuntu系統的3D桌面特效相媲美。很多習慣了使用Windows系統工作的用戶,但是又想要Ubuntu 系統酷炫的窗口特效,確實是一件很煩惱的事,所以WindowFX軟件也算是幫助那些糾結的用戶解決了一樁心事。

Stardock WindowFX 6.02 | 17.3 MB
Stardock's WindowFX is a one-of-a-kind program that lets you super charge your Windows experience. WindowFX brings you polished and reliable window enhancement capabilities. Add an amazing assortment of features to Windows, which can be applied in a subtle way to give Windows a little umph.

Key Features:
Animate how windows open, close, minimize, and maximize
Watch windows wobble when you move them across your desktop
Focus on the active window by darkening inactive ones
Enhance windows management (Transparency, size, roll-up) with right-click options

Apply custom animations
Choose from over 30 animated effects for windows when they open, close, minimize and restore. Several of these include substyles for different animation types. Also explore over 20 Start menu animations.

Corner hotspots
Users have a great deal of control over how the mouse cursor is displayed. The color, opacity and size can easily be adjusted on the fly. Even the shadows can be modified including dynamic shadows that allow users to set light sourcing onto cursors.
Advanced "right click" options
Control your window effects, transparency and window resizing by using your "right click".

Double-click to hide icons
Simply double-click your desktop to hide your icons.
Hide text labels for desktop icons
Already know what your desktop icons are? Easily hide them to avoid desktop clutter.
Hide icon shortcut overlays
Remove the unnecessary arrow at the bottom of your desktop icons.

Remain focused
Simply double-click your desktop to hide your icons.
Add momentum to your workflow
WindowFX has a "window flick" option that allows you to add movements, fade windows and add speed to quickly throw your windows around your monitor.

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