PC Image Editor

PC Image Editor

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PC Image Editor 5.9正式版
PC Image Editor是一款高效適應的應用程序,每一位用戶都可以通過它來優化你的數碼照片,調節如閃光度,對比和飽和度等等。除此之外,你還可以通過它來清除照片中的各種雜質,污點或銳化,只需簡單點擊鼠標即可。

PC Image Editor 5.9正式版

如果你是一位攝影達人,那麼你一定需要這款應用程序為你如虎添翼。整款應用程序使用方式極為簡便,適用於各類型的用戶。PC Image Editor支持幾乎所有種類的圖片格式,你還可以導入如BMP,GIF,JPG,TIFF或PCX等圖片格式。

電腦圖像編輯(PC Image Editor)簡單明了的圖像處理軟件,你可以使用基本的圖形編輯工具,如選擇,鉛筆,橡皮擦,文字,刷,刷過濾器,空氣刷,顏色選擇器,線條,形狀和作物。此外,您還可以改變圖片的大小,旋轉或翻轉它,改變角度和傾斜,以及使用的撤消和重做功能,並設置圖片作為壁紙。最重要的是,你可以使PC圖像編輯器來自動調節水平和對比度,以及亮度,伽瑪值,色調,飽和度。

PC Image Editor 5.9正式版

Supporting 11 Image

Import and export various graphic formats, including BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PCX, PNG, TGA, J2K, WMF, EMF, and RAS.


Unique Images and Unique Filter
Apply 15 filters such as Blur, Sharp, Add Noise, Diffuse, Mosaic, Twirl, Emboss, and etc.

Alignment and Straightening of the Image

Add image effects such as Rotate 90°, 180° and Arbitrary, Flip Horizontal and Vertical, Perspective, Skew, and etc.

Adjusting Image' Colors Easily

With 11 adjustment commands such as Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma Channel, Hue, Saturation, RGB Channel, Invert, Colorize, and etc.

Edit Images Directly from Scanner

Supporting Scanner to bring paper-documents directly scanned and ready to use.

PC Image Editor 5.9正式版

Make a Hard Copy of Digital Images

Print images with full functionality and keep them for your archive, showing to friends or colleagues.

Fit Images Perfectly

Also ability to increase or decrease the image dimension, which is called Image Resizing with lots of pre-defined and standard sizes, or have your own custom size.

It is Freeware

PC Image Editor is provided as FREEWARE for private, commercial or educational (including non-profit organization) use. In these cases, you are granted the right to use and to make an unlimited number of copies of this program.