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SliQ Invoicing Plus進銷存軟件
SliQ Invoicing軟件介紹:
SliQTools Ltd開發並銷售一種名為SliQ Invoicing的發票軟件包。 SliQ Invoicing可用於創建/提升和跟蹤專業發票,信用票據,採購訂單,交貨單,報價和客戶對帳單,幫助您準確及時地獲得付款。 SliQ非常容易學習。不需要特殊的會計知識,您可以在幾分鐘內生成第一張發票或報價。 SliQ Invoicing Plus甚至還包括庫存控制功能,可幫助您跟蹤庫存。
無論您是每月生產少量發票還是100發票,SliQ Invoicing和Quoting都可以為您提供幫助。例如,如果您是裝飾師,建築師,電工或管道工需要編寫報價或估算我們的小型商業軟件可以幫助您在短時間內產生專業的結果,而無需購買昂貴,複雜的軟件,其中包含您不需要的功能。選擇一個發票模板,添加徽標並開始提高發票。
SliQ Invoicing特色功能:

SliQ Invoicing Plus 6x |
SliQTools Ltd develop and sell an invoicing software package called SliQ Invoicing. SliQ Invoicing can be used for creating/ raising and tracking professional invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, delivery notes, quotes and customer statements, helping you get paid accurately and on time. SliQ is very easy to learn. No special accounting knowledge is needed and you will be able to produce your first invoice or quote in minutes. SliQ Invoicing Plus even includes stock control features to help you track inventory.

Whether you produce a handful or a hundred invoices per month, SliQ Invoicing and Quoting can help you. For example, if you are a decorator, builder, electrician or plumber needing to write quotes or estimates our small business software can help you produce professional results in a short time without needing to buy expensive, complicated software full of features you don't need. Choose one of the invoice templates, add your logo and begin raising invoices.

SliQ Invoicing includes all the essential invoicing features:
Automate billing with recurring invoices
Automatic invoice and quote numbering
Email invoices to customers
Include PayPal buttons for quicker payment
Track payments and send receipts and reminders
Stock control/ product database facility
Create your own reports

Features in SliQ Invoicing Plus
Multiple Invoice Templates
Choose from multiple invoice templates. An easy to use template editor is provided for you to customise the content and layout of your template as desired.

Powerful Invoice Editing
Add line items, search the product database, add customer messages, add attachments, preview, print and email

Invoice Reports
Numerous reports on sales, payments, customers and suppliers to provide a view of your business

HTML Email Templates
Configure standard email templates for sending with invoices and quotes. Add logos and format text.

More than Invoicing
In addition to invoices, SliQ Invoicing Plus can produce credit notes, purchase orders, customer statements and delivery notes

Stock Control
SliQ Invoicing Plus includes stock control features to track stock levels including a wizard to help identify and order stock at low levels

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