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AKVIS Sketch 20.6.3214.17427 Multilingual-將照片轉換成逼真的彩色或黑白畫作
AKVIS Sketch是一款非常有趣的應用程序,它能將照片轉換成逼真的彩色或黑白畫作,它能夠模擬出石墨或彩色鉛筆畫、炭筆畫或水彩畫。也許,你會認為使用照片編輯程序也能實現同樣目的,但我們可以肯定的告訴你,使用AKVIS Sketch所獲得的效果會更好。你能夠得到一幅出色的繪畫作品,並且還是通過一個非常簡單的方式獲得。程序操作十分簡單,以至於每個人都能轉換照片。選擇要轉換的照片以及想要應用的特效,如果想要加入自己的創意,你可以進行一些參數設置,例如選擇炭筆、水彩、染色,設置角度、畫筆大小、中間調、畫影線。當你修改這些參數時,你能夠即時預覽修改後的結果。此外,程序還包含了一個適用於主流照片編輯工具的插件,其支持的程序有Photoshop、Corel Draw、PainShop Pro...

AKVIS Sketch converts photos into pencil sketches and even creates watercolor paintings. Now you do not need to handle a pencil to feel like an artist. All you need to create your original work of art is good taste and AKVIS Sketch!

We propose an efficient method that lets you create realistic color drawings and B&W sketches, imitate the technique of graphite and color pencil, and even generate the charcoal, pastel, and watercolor effects.
In contrast to standard filters that offer an approximate sketch, AKVIS Sketch comes very close to the hand-drawn works of a human artist. Getting a similar result with the standard tools would require expertise in image editing and extensive manipulation with layers, masks, brushes and applying filters. AKVIS Sketch lets you create an awesome pencil drawing from any photograph with a mouse click!

The software offers two photo to sketch conversion styles: Classic and Artistic, which help to create a wide variety of pencil drawings. Each style has its own benefits. You may play with the settings and enjoy the results!
The software has a neat interface with a few sliders. At first you can process the picture with the default settings and then touch up the image by adding color, or trying different techniques - from pencil to charcoal or watercolor. You can make the hatching denser or finer and change the pitch angle of strokes.

The extremely helpful Timeline feature allows you get variations of your drawing without adjusting the settings. Watch the process and choose between the snapshots.
The program offers a list of ready-to-use presets which make it easier to work with the software and save you time. You can create your own presets with your favorite combinations of the photo to drawing parameters.

You can make a pencil portrait as a gift for your relatives and friends, print your sketch on a T-Shirt, decorate a room with a watercolor drawing or a poster. Designers yse the program to can quickly bring images to one style for a web-site or an advertisement booklet. Authors create illustrations for their books with this software.
Both professionals and home users will be delighted with the ease and effectiveness of the program and excited by the neat result of the photo-to-sketch conversion. Using AKVIS Sketch is a lot of fun!
On the whole it's a wonderful tool for those who have always wanted to draw but didn't know how.

Using the software you can also add some unique background effects to your picture! Create a combination of a sketch and a photo, mixing drawings with real life; imitate motion or add a "time machine effect" by swirling the background. Put an accent to certain parts of the image by blurring the rest of it in an artistic way.
The Batch Processing support lets you automatically convert a series of images. You can make comics or cartoons from your home videos in this way.
You can personalize your work of art by inserting an inscription, a signature, a greeting, a logo or a watermark; add a rough texture surface to your image, as if it had been drawn on canvas, corrugated paper, brick wall, etc.

The software is available as an independent standalone program and as a plugin to a photo editor. The plugin version is compatible with AliveColors, Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro, etc.

Operating System:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 - 32-bit, 64-bit