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Lucion FileCenter Professional Plus
FileCenter 是一款辦公文件管理軟件。可以方便的掃瞄和管理計算機上的文件。

FileCenter 是一款完善的文件管理軟件。帶有所有 Windows 文件類型的完全支持,該軟件允許你把所有的文件集中到一個清晰,直觀的界面當中。從這裡,該軟件提供了許多強大的單擊文件操作功能:文件預覽,轉換為 PDF 文檔,壓縮,安全刪除,作為一個拷貝或者新的版本打開,通過電子郵件發送,以及通過電子郵件發送被實時轉換的 PDF 的文檔。該軟件還擁有許多省時的功能,諸如可重複使用的文件夾佈局和文件重命名規則。FileCenter 通過其內部的搜索引擎或者通過嚴密集成的流行的諸如 Google Desktop Search, Windows Desktop Search 和 Copernic等桌面搜索引擎提供了全文檔搜索功能。FileCenter 還集成了大多數 Windows 應用軟件所擁有的保存和打開對話框功能,因此你可以從一個簡單,統一的界面當中簡單地進行工作。

Lucion FileCenter Professional Plus 10.x | 
FileCenter is easy-to-install, easy-to-use paperless office software which helps home and professional users scan, archive, organize, and find computer files. FileCenter is filled with time-saving features, giving you a complete solution within a single, simple interface.

Main Features
Cabinets Explained
Manage & Organize Your Files
FileCenter uses a familiar Cabinet/Drawer/Folder design for organizing files. But if you prefer a traditional Explorer layout, FileCenter also provides an Explorer View.
Rapid Scanning
Scan to PDF or TIFF
FileCenter features one-click scanning for efficiently moving paper to PDF. Works with most desktop scanners (TWAIN compatible).
Seamless OCR
Automatically OCR All Scans
FileCenter integrates OCR as a seamless part of the scanning process. Literally go from paper to searchable PDF in one mouse click. Use the built-in engines or your own favorite.
PDF Stacking & Other Tools
Stack, Join, and Split PDFs
With FileCenter Professional, "stack" or join PDF files with drag-and-drop simplicity. You will also be able to split a single PDF into multiple files … without opening it.
Easy Network Sharing
Easy Network Sharing
Sharing files on an office network couldn't be easier. Just put your cabinets on the server. All users will see the same files and get all of the changes instantly.
Cloud Operation
Access Files in the Cloud
FileCenter is fully compatible with most cloud service providers. Access your files anywhere – on the web, on your smartphone or tablet, or on other cloud-connected computers.

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 (or newer). Full compatibility with 64-bit machines.

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