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Qimage Ultimate 2019.103


打印大師最新版(Qimage Ultimate)是最先進的照片打印軟件在世界。繼續Qimage遺產已經超過十年印刷經驗和創新,這是最常見的網站上的照片打印軟件。從休閒射擊專業攝影師和電影都用,Qimage最終是為那些認識到質量的重要性的時候,他們都是你的攝影鏡頭背後的努力的高潮。



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Qimage Ultimate is the most advanced photo printing software in the world. With two decades of experience and innovation in photographic printing, it is the most frequently recommended batch photo printing software and is used by everyone from casual shooters to professional photographers. Our 21st Anniversary Edition offers a streamlined UI that simplifies all of your print nesting jobs!

Qimage Ultimate Has the Features You Need
• Use stand-alone or print directly from Photoshop, Lightroom, or Elements
• Full color management (color spaces and printer profiles)
• Optimal quality with incredibly smooth gradients (on all 8 or 16 bit drivers)
• Automatic interpolation to your printer's native PPI
• Proprietary Deep Focus Sharpening (zero halo artifacts)
• Automatic/flexible print nesting - print any combination of sizes per page
• Job logging (recall any previous print job at any time)
• Image databasing (simple data entry/search)
• Image editing tools including raw photo support
• Print unclog tool - schedule purge patterns to print while you are away

In other news (products from other companies)... What is Topaz A.I. Gigapixel?
A.I. Gigapixel resampling tool is a breakthrough interpolation tool by Topaz that is getting rave reviews. But how does that product compare to Qimage's resampling? When should you use it? Should you use it on all photos prior to printing with Qimage? Let's put on our pixel-peeper hats and see what's going on behind the scenes and when best to use this new A.I. image resizing tool.

Features in Ultimate Only:
• Plugins that allow printing directly from Photoshop, Lightroom, and Elements
• Full color management for monitor, printer, and images
• Ability to print posters and print to image files for online printing
• Easily auto-arrange multiple prints with a variety of styles
• Vector, Pyramid interpolation for pro print quality/sharpness
• Latest "Hybrid" interpolation method: incredible quality/speed
• Individual color management settings on a print-by-print basis
• Automated job logging (jobs automatically saved for later recall)
• Batch conversion of multiple images
• Ability to quickly rate images with 1-5 rating
• Edit and search IPTC data
• Soft Proofing
• Raw image support for more than 300 cameras
• "Hybrid SE" interpolation method: smoother with no artifacts
• Organize photos using user defined photo albums
• Ability to tag prints with custom copyright/signature
• Ability to specify any size mirror borders/edges for canvas wraps
• Hyper printing: dual core/HT technology for faster printing
• Rulers and "snap" feature on full page editor
• Ability to define up to 100 print sizes (Lite/Pro limited to 10)
• New streamlined user interface
• New image databasing: add & search folder/photo descriptions
• Hot Folder monitoring (print from any networked device)
• Photo mats for unlimited (even or uneven) borders, text boxes, etc.
• Grouping via placement on templates/photo mats
• Thumbnail sorting by EXIF date shot
• New print-to-file UI walks you through prepping for online printing
• Exclusive Fusion interpolation offers incredible print detail
• Exclusive DFS halo-free sharpening for incredible detail
• More accurate color engine for all ICC profiles
• New raw engine with auto-fill, HDR, highlight recovery, and more
• On Deck area to defer printing/processing to a later date
• New Instaview: hold mouse button over thumb/print for preview
• Print quality meter: hold mouse over any print to evaluate
• Darkroom skin for incredible UI clarity
• Canvas shrinkage compensation corrects canvas length errors
• Lightning Raw: view, print, and edit raw photos instantly
• View, crop, and print 3D photos (MPO files) from 3D cameras
• Built in FlashPipe image downloader
• Tone targeted sharpening: selective sharpening
• High precision sizing/positioning in metric mode (0.1mm)
• EXIF data carried through to converted images
• Ability to tally paper/ink usage from job logs
• 100% netbook and tablet compatible
Release Notes:

- 2019.103 fixes a compatibility issue that affected some HP printer drivers.
System Requirements:
• Qimage Ultimate is Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 compatible.