Graphic Node Bundle

Graphic Node Bundle

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Graphic Node Bundle for Wedding 1.1 MacOSX-婚禮策劃模板包
Graphic Node Bundle是一個婚禮策劃模板包,利用此工具你可以組織一場美好而難忘的婚禮,為你提供了262個獨特的婚禮相關的模板文檔,電子表格模板21個,5套婚禮主題幻燈片模版,插圖85幅。在262個模板中選擇一個頁面,就可以創建創造美麗請柬,信封,桌卡,等等。所有的模板是完全可定製的,可選擇國際標準紙張尺寸。看不超過21個模板,但它包括婚禮所需要一切。

Graphic Node Bundle for Wedding 1.1 MacOSX-婚禮策劃模板包

你一定會需要制定一個預算,待辦事項列表,幾種可能的場地等等之間的成本比較。Graphic Node Bundle包含21個比較模板。你只需要自定義模板,按照您的要求:創建表,進行計算,繪製圖表,或插入圖片等等即可。

The ideal tool for organizing the beautiful and memorable wedding you've been dreaming of, the Bundle for Wedding set provides you with 262 unique templates for Pages documents, 21 spreadsheet templates for Numbers, 5 first-class slideshow themes for Keynote, and 85 illustrations. Focus on your exciting plans and leave the invitations and other paperwork to us!

Choose among the 262 templates for Pages to create beautiful invitations, envelopes, table cards, and more. All templates are fully customizable and available in the US and international paper sizes. You will certainly need to draw up a budget, a to-do list, a cost comparison among several possible venues, and more. Look no further than the 21 templates for Numbers included in the Bundle for Wedding set. Customize the templates to your requirements: create tables, make calculations, draw diagrams, or insert images.

The 5 stylish themes for Keynote will help you prepare a heart-warming photo slideshow for the ceremony. Each theme contains up to 30 master slides and is available in the Standard and Wide sizes. Last but not least, the set provides 85 wedding-themed illustrations to decorate any of the content you will be creating.

– Use Bundle for Wedding and have the time of your life!
– Requires Pages 5.0 or later, Keynote 6.0 or later, and Numbers 3.0 or later.

What's New in Version 1.1:
– New 12 Pages templates.