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Twixl Publisher 5.0.4 MacOSX 註冊版附註冊碼-應用程序創建
Twixl Publisher可以讓你輕鬆地創建iPad和/或Android應用程序,基於Adobe公司的InDesign內容。它是一個插件,InDesign 和OS X的應用程序,允許用戶輕鬆地預覽設備上的結果,或創建一個可以提交到App Store,谷歌的商店,或Kindle Fire的AppStore的一個應用程序。與Twixl分銷平台結合,可讓您管理亭的應用程序,與在應用程序內購買,訂閱,配額支持,書報亭,推送通知,我們提供了一個極具競爭力的價格和令人信服的平板電腦發佈替代。

Twixl Publisher 5.0.4 MacOSX 註冊版附註冊碼-應用程序創建

Twixl Publisher可以與Adobe InDesign中CC 2015,CC 2014,CC或CS6相融合,要為移動設備創建交互式內容均來自現有文檔,以及「從頭開始」。Twixl Publisher可以使用大範圍的互動性,如照片幻燈片,音頻,視頻和HTML5的整合。

隨著Twixl Publisher,您可以創建適用於iOS手機和平板電腦,查看在瀏覽器的計算機上Android和亞馬遜或導出內容的應用程序。Twixl發佈是基於易用性,自然和直觀的哲學。用戶和他的經驗是解中心,它顯示了在該系統的每一個組件。我們只能拿出,創建和發佈。

Twixl Publisher lets you easily create iOS and/or Android apps (for both tablets and phones), based on Adobe InDesign content. You can publish in Apple's App Store, Google Play, or the Kindle Fire Appstore. You can also export a 「Web Reader」 version of your content for displaying a publication is a standard desktop or notebook browser. The free Twixl Viewer app for iOS and Android allows you to quickly send a preview to your own device.

In combination with the Twixl Distribution Platform, that allows you to manage kiosk apps, with support for In-app purchases, subscriptions, entitlements, Newsstand, push notifications, we offer a very competitively priced and compelling mobile publishing alternative.

– Create apps for tablets and phones fully independently
– Go from designing to publishing in the app stores or in-house
– Start from different types of content
– Create automated production workflows