Circular Studio Mac

Circular Studio Mac

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Circular Studio 1.5 MacOSX 多語言註冊版-全景圖片製作
Circular Studio Mac版是一款Mac OS平台上的360度圓形全景效果圖製作軟件,Circular Studio Mac版是一款頗具奇趣的圖片處理應用,相比其他同類應用一味追求大而全濾鏡效果,Circular Studio要顯得專一許多,應用專注於圖片的球形全景特效,無需專業的球形相機器材,也可將普通照片處理出球形全景的效果。

Circular Studio 1.5 MacOSX 多語言註冊版-全景圖片製作

Circular Studio 主打球形全景的同時,也內置了多種效果濾鏡,還可給照片添加鏡頭耀斑以及各種光源特效、星球、中心源等;任意對圖片進行角度旋轉與縮放、耀斑位置的隨意移動、自定義色調、添加和刪除圖層以及多圖層編輯、重複效果等等一應俱全。

– 實時圖像編輯
– 調整圖像的縮放、旋轉、反轉模式,並重複
– 創新的視覺效果,如天空的裝飾,中心和耀斑。鏡頭耀斑是從我們的應用透鏡光照工作室
– 專業的過濾器和鏡頭的紋理
– 最高質量的處理內部64位流水線
– 保留EXIF數據

The most powerful 「tiny planet」 app for the Mac. Circular Studio is a new twist on photo editing. Turn your photos into amazing circular images. Circular Studio is a fun app with powerful new features never seen before in this type of app. You can easily zoom in and out of your circular image to get it just right. Once you're happy with your image, add professional effects such as lens flares and sky objects like the sun, moon, birds, etc.

Another really cool feature is a collection of 「center」 objects. These include spheres, planets, and geometric shapes to place at the center of your image circle. This turns your image into a unique mini world.

– Real-time image editing
– Adjust image zoom, rotation, invert-mode, and repeats
– Innovative visual effects such as sky decorations, centers and flares. The lens flares are the same as the pro app, LensFlare Studio.
– Professional Filters and Lens Textures
– RAW file support
– preserves exif data

Share your creations with the world! Export your favorite images to PNG, TIFF, and JPG and share to popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

What's New in Version 1.3
Fix for issues with loading and saving images.