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Org Chart Designer Pro 2.28 MacOS-圖表設計軟件
Org Chart Designer Pro Mac版是一款Mac平台上的圖表設計軟件,Org Chart Designer Pro Mac版使您能夠創建或發佈圖表和網絡圖,只需點擊幾下鼠標和拖放操作。介質內非常有利於大公司,組織結構圖幫助你建立和組織結構有關公司的目標更深入的瞭解。


– 直觀的拖放設計

– 支持圖形,文本框,照片,圖像幻燈片和表格柵格

– 支持全層排列和分組功能多layerings

– 支持先進的“自動分公司的一代”,可以讓你快速添加新的水平,以圖表元素

– 支持圖像特色效果,包括陰影,α水平與思考

– 支持“格式轉換”,可以讓你快速複製格式到多個圖表元素

– 支持“保存的文本集”,讓您保存,方便重複使用常用的文本片段

– 數以百計的字體和顏色的設計PDF,JPG圖像和PNG圖像:

– 通過出口到多種文檔格式發佈你的工作

– 配備專業設計的組織結構圖和網絡圖模板集合

Org Chart Designer Pro 2.x | macOS | 
Org Chart Designer Pro makes it simple to create and publish professional org charts and network diagrams.

- Optimized for the latest macOS, compatible with macOS 10.10 to 10.13
- Improved chart architecture with better label and line spacings
- All new file format for better performance and stability
- Built-in file converter for compatibility with designs created using edition 1
- Intuitive drag and drop designer
- Supports shapes, textboxes, photos, image slideshows and table grids
- Supports multiple layerings with full layer arrangement and grouping features
- Supports advanced "Auto Branch Generation", allows you to quickly add new levels to the chart elements
- Supports image specials effects including shadows, alpha levels and reflections
- Supports "format transfer", allows you to quickly duplicate formatting onto multiple chart elements
- Supports "Saved text collection", allows you to save and conveniently reuse commonly used text segments
- Design with hundreds of fonts and colors
- Publish your work by exporting to multiple document formats: PDF, JPG image and PNG image
- Comes with collection of professionally designed organization chart and network diagram templates

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit